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Israel: Come see it for yourself on birthright!

Young Jewish adults have an amazing opportunity to join a free 10-day Taglit-Birthright Israel trip during the summer or winter months. Sign up now on and tell your friends too!

Get a unique birthday scrapbook from offers great personalized gifts including ever-popular birthday newspapers, a framed newspaper from either the NY Times, Washington Post or LA Times and even perhaps a made-to-order 400 piece Satellite Puzzle jigsaw features a highly detailed aerial image of any community in the USA, centered on an address of your choice.

Unique and Exciting Israel Resources!

Unique and Exciting Israel Resources! The New York Times History of Israel Newspaper Compilation is a great way to relive the history of the State of Israel as it happened. Great for donor recognition, education, and advocacy.

The History of Israel from the New York Times.

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