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Upstart Activist's initiatives, materials and seminars have generated significant buzz in the international, national, Jewish and university press. Read on to see what is being said about Upstart Activist.

Press About

Pearl Harbor Newspaper a great resource to better understand what happened on that fateful day that will live in infamy.

Upstart Activist's provided students and non-students throughout North America and the United Kingdom an unbeatable opportunity to vote online after learning about party platforms and the issues facing Israelis in the 2009 national election. The initiative also generated an unprecedented amount of positive press about Israel on campus and off.

Read about us in the Jerusalem Post

Upstart was recently featured in the Jerusalem Post.
Read the article here.

US & Canadian National Press

Israeli and Jewish Press/Media

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Client Testimonials

  • Congratulations on yet another immensely successful campaign. The State and People of Israel owe you a debt of gratitude for your endeavors. - Noah Joseph, co-President, Concordia University Hillel
  • The mock elections were brilliant and we definitely reached hundreds of unaware, unaffiliated students in an amazing, pro-active way! - Shira Pruce, Rutgers University
  • Let me say it again. I love your website ( Campuses all over the USA are overwhelmed by vile anti-Israel and anti-Semitic propaganda spread not only by students, but also by faculty members. Pro-Israel students are ill-equipped to respond. Your website and the materials you provide are desperately needed. - Mark Solberg, Norfolk, Virginia
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Press About the "Defeating Divestment - The Israel Activist's Primer"

In August 2002, Upstart Activist released a comprehensive guidebook for countering and defeating the nefarious "divestment" movement launched by anti-Israel activists on campuses throughout North America. It remains the definitive guidebook on the subject.

Israeli and Jewish Press/Media

Client Testimonials

  • The primer arrived today and is excellent. - Alan Greenspan, Dallas, Texas
  • Happy to see that finally someone has discovered that being Jewish and a friend of Israel is more than eating falafel and dancing a hora! Keep up your good work! - Barry M. Gittlen, Ph.D., Professor of Biblical and Archaeological Studies, Baltimore Hebrew University
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Press About The Israel Activist's X-Files

This groundbreaking primer, published in April 2002 in response to the barbaric campaign of Palestinian terror launched on Israelis, set the standard for guiding pro-Israel activists in hard-hitting truth telling in the form of guerilla activist techniques and the use of frank and effective anti-terror flyers. It caught the eye of many on campus, and in the press.

US National Press

Israeli and Jewish Press/Media

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Press About Upstart Activist Seminars & Presentations

Upstart Activist has shared its expertise on Israel and effective activism with thousands of students throughout North America and in Israel. Our steadfast commitment to Israel, hands-on training approach and willingness to entertain alternative viewpoints are the elements that make our seminars and presentations a favorite among committed Israel activists. Read more below.

Playing politics

PDFSchechter seniors get a crash course in activism

by Ron Kaplan
NJJN Staff Writer

The Israel Debate on American Campuses

The Israel Debate on American Campuses

Israeli and Jewish Press/Media

University Press

Client Testimonials

  • Thanks so much for a terrific activism seminar on Sunday - I think on behalf of everyone in MITSI, we learned a lot, and the materials you provided will be very valuable to us. - Maxim Shusteff, MIT Students for Israel
  • I wanted to let you know how successful your seminar was at Wayne State University. After your program, a core group of students became very active in pro-Israel programming, and have been working extremely hard to spread the pro-Israel word around campus and throughout the community. - Lesley Weiss, Program Director, Hillel of Metro Detroit
  • With all the facts being thrown at us, Upstart Activist helped to break it all down so that we can actually do something when we return to campus. - Esther Schwartz, McGill University
  • Thank you so much for spending time with our Hillel. It was extremely helpful. - Beth Meltzer, Hillel Director, Northeastern University
  • Thank you for your very worthwhile presentations. The students felt it was exactly what they needed to be prepared for campus. - Aviva Poch, Programs Director, Yavneh Olami

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