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Workshops & Seminars

Information in Action

"Upstart Activist's sessions were one of the most beneficial parts of the program. Knowing all the facts is extremely important, but if you can't put them into action and present it to an audience it's not very beneficial to Israel." - Rachel Glaser, Student, Boston University

Upstart Activist specializes in putting information into action. Therefore, our educational modules introduce information that is of immediate use to the pro-Israel community. Superbly delivered, our work provides fresh perspectives based on our research and original analysis of issues as well as personal experience as campus activists and citizens of Israel for over a decade.

Our experience and flexible approach means we can meet your needs on a wide range of subject areas. From an hour-long consultancy for a handful of people to a comprehensive, three-day seminar for hundreds, Upstart Activist delivers.

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Comprehensive Seminars/Scholar in Residence

The principals of Upstart Activist have created and executed countless high-level seminars on subjects related to Israel as well as activism. Drawing upon over thirty years combined professional experience as leaders of Project Otzma, USD/WZO, Mercaz Hamagshimim and Machon Masa, Upstart Activist is uniquely positioned to provide hard-hitting, interactive and enjoyable seminars on a variety of subjects. In addition, we can provide high-quality "Scholar in Residence" services to groups and seminars in Israel and abroad.

On Seminars: Read a review of the full-day New England region Israel Advocacy Conference planned and executed by Upstart Activist in October 2002.

Essentials for Israel Activists - Workshops and Presentations

Workshops for pro-Israel students draw upon Upstart Activist's extensive experience on campus during the first Intifada and Gulf War. During these challenging times, it is critical to learn from educators who lived activism first hand on North American universities. Following is a partial list of our educational modules for activists. Please contact us to if you would like us to craft a workshop to answer specific needs.

The Fundamentals of Israel Activism

Overcoming Challenges and Detractors

Activism in Perspective

Marketing Israel Trips in the Community

In conjunction with the Israel Ministry of Tourism, Upstart Activist offers strategy consultancies to Jewish and non-Jewish organizations, institutions and Israel tour operators interested in overcoming the formidable challenges in marketing trips to Israel to constituents and clients.

Consultancies and workshops such as our Tourism Ambassador training session draw upon Upstart Activist's extensive experience and knowledge about grassroots, pro-active and "guerilla" marketing strategies that lead to desired results. To learn more, view a workshop outline below:

Beneficiaries of marketing consultancies and workshops include: Oranim-birthright israel (, the Combined Jewish Philanthropies of Greater Boston, United Jewish ommunities, Young Judaea, the Jewish Theological Seminary, Bnei Akiva-United States, Tehilla, Yeshiva University and Hillel-The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life.

On Tourism Ambassador Training - "On behalf of Bnei Akiva and Camp Moshava, I would like to thank you for the training program you presented to our staff. It was an excellent program and was well received by our staff." - Alan Silverman, Director, Camp Moshava. February 2003.

To arrange a workshop, please contact us.

Israel & the Middle East: Issues and Information

Following are issue-focused presentations designed to educate about specific Israel related issues. Contact us for more topics.

  • The Road Map: Where will it lead Israel? - An examination of what the “Road Map” for Middle East peace portends for Israel’s future with focus on the plan’s genesis, positive attributes, conspicuous flaws and short history of implementation.
  • 55 Years in 55 Minutes: Understanding Israel - A whirlwind look at the little country that is BIG on history and events. Particular focus is placed on events of the recent past, and how they have shaped contemporary Israeli life.
  • The Middle East Conflict - Israel, the Arab World and the Palestinians. Provides a comprehensive historical overview of the conflict between Israel and the Arab World, with particular focus on the Palestinian Arabs.
  • Zionism - Daring to Succeed. Zionism is under attack at home and abroad. In Israel, many intellectuals espouse a 'post-Zionist ideology' that negates the successes of Zionism and, in some cases, calls for dismantling the Jewish State. In much of the international community, Zionism is an ugly epithet and a synonym for 'racism'. This educational module challenges both the misguided attempts of Israeli extremists to de-Zion Israel, and the irrational responses of the international community to the ideology. By examining Zionism - its goals, achievements and failures - in a sober, realistic manner many might conclude that Zionism is actually a model liberation movement that should be studied, emulated and admired in Israel and abroad.
  • No Justice, No Peace - Accepting Israel as a Prelude to Peace. An analysis of why six-decades of the "peace processes" wrought so little success.
  • Self-Determination and the Palestinian Arabs - Prospects for Fulfillment. Why has the venerated goal of "self-determination" been such an elusive goal for the Palestinian Arabs? The presentation will examine other liberation movements - successful and unsuccessful - and examine alternate remedies facing the Palestinians and their leadership.
  • Not So "New" - In Ecclesiastes we learn "there is nothing new under the sun." Yet over the past decade, there were lots of "new" developments, each of which impacted our world in a significant way. This presentation examines the commonalities of the "New" World Order, "New" Middle East, "New" Economy and "New" War and the relevance of each to Israel.

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