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This section provides pro-Israel activists with essential tools and resources. If you are looking for information/material not provided below, please email us.

Israel is Born historic newspaper.

Beyond Disengagement
What's Next for Israel? YOU DECIDE!

Israel has completed the disengagement and has dismantled all communities in the Gaza Strip and four communities in Northern Samaria.

What does this mean for the future of the Jewish state?

Upstart Activist in conjunction with the Combined Jewish Philanthropies of Greater Boston has produced an educational primer entitled, YOU DECIDE: The Future of the Jewish Communities in the Territories. The new 20-page primer - the second in a series - examines the many facets of the Israeli withdrawal and its potential impact on Israeli society. The primer explores this controversial issue by providing the history of Jewish life in the territories, the political context in which disengagement was carried out and a spectrum of opinions regarding the plan and future Israeli withdrawals.

This handbook gives you the tools to form an educated opinion on the future of the Jewish communities in the territories based on history, demography and Israel's security interests.

Individual copies may be ordered here:
For bulk orders and/or orders for both primers in the series, contact us.

Issue-Focused Primers

Upstart Activist creates comprehensive primers focused on issues of immediate concern to those who love Israel.

Israel Trip Playbook: A Tour Planning & Promotion Guide
The Israel Ministry of Tourism commissioned Upstart Activist to create the first ever Israel Trip Playbook: A Tour Planning & Promotion Guide to be distrubuted throughout North America to local Tourism Committees. The Playbook, which draws upon Upstart Activist's marketing success in promoting Israel at the grass-roots level, is a step-by-step guide for organizing and marketing community and affinity group trips to Israel.

Type:   Hardcopy. 34 Pages.
Released:   September 2004
Ordering Info:   Contact or toll free: 1-888-77-ISRAEL.

Israel's Future: You Decide Series -- Options for Peace
Think you know what is Israel's best option for peace? Better review all nine alternatives first! This primer explains Israel's demographic dilemma helps you to learn about the pros and cons of nine alternative plans for peace - from Labor's Oslo to Likud's Disengagement. See press about the primer and contact us for ordering details.

Type:   Hardcopy. 22 Pages. Order the Primer and accompanying PPT.
Released:   March 1, 2004
Related Press:   Israel21c allowed students to vote online for an Israeli political party in Israel's 2003 national election. The site contains information of enduring value to activists including key background information on Israeli democracy, political parties and issues.

Type:   Web Site
Released:   January 1, 2003
Related Press:   See In the Media

Defeating Divestment
The comprehensive guidebook for countering and defeating the nefarious "divestment" movement launched by anti-Israel activists on campuses throughout North America.

Type:   Hardcopy. 45 Pages. Download great flyers.
Released:   August 30, 2002
Related Press:   Jerusalem Post

The Israel Activist's X-Files
Published in response to the barbaric campaign of Palestinian terror launched on Israelis, X-Files guides pro-Israel students in methods of truth telling that take the form of guerilla/experiential techniques and the use of frank anti-terror flyers. Contains over 15 flyers for immediate use.

Type:   Hardcopy. 30 Pages. Download great flyers.
Released:   April 30, 2002
Related Press:   Jerusalem Post - National Review - Cleveland Jewish News

Flyers for the Campus

Upstart Activist has an ever-expanding library of flyers for use on campus. Some are designed to be used as part of a campaign while others are stand-alone.

Click here to jump to the flyer download page.

Presentation Outlines

Upstart Activist delivers high-level workshops and seminars to students and member of the pro-Israel community (read a seminar review). For more information about our workshops and seminars, contact us. The following are brief outlines of select Upstart Activist presentations in PDF format.

PDFEssentials of Effective Pro-Israel Activism Simple yet often overlooked elements of effective pro-Israel activism. 2 pages.

PDFActivist Campaigns - Mastering "Dramatic Centerpiece" Activism A campaign is a critical framework used to communicate primary pro-Israel messages over a long period of time. Here's how to get campaigns right. 2 pages.

PDFDefeating Anti-Israel Propaganda Learn how to put a stop to vicious anti-Israel, anti-Zionist and even anti-Semitic propaganda.

PDFCreating Effective Informational Flyers Flyers are a mainstay in any campus hasbara campaign. This resource outlines the secrets of creating and distributing great flyers.

PDFPromoting Israel Programs on Campus The best way to educate students about Israel is to send them on a visit to the Jewish State. Here's a checklist of where to promote Israel on campus and off.

PDFAlternative Messaging - From Guerilla to Stealth, Strategies that Work Sometimes words are less effective than action. Here's how to make your point without belaboring it.

Hasbara Resources - Israel, Palestine, and the Arabs

A comprehensive resource written by Charles Stephens which examines the basic facts underling the claims made against Israel by its detractors. A perfect resource for the college student in his or efforts to promote Israel more effectively. PDFDownload "Israel, Palestine and the Arabs" now.

Charles Stephens Bio

Charles Stephens is a writer and historian. A former adjunct professor of history and political science at the New School for Social Research in New York City, he has also been a fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University and was for many years a newspaper columnist.

Mr. Stephens was born in Mexico City and has degrees from the University of Wisconsin and the University of California, Berkeley. He has worked in Congress and for the United Nations, and was a Republican candidate for Congress in 1974.

Charles Stephens can be reached at

Hasbara Resources - Promoting Israel on Campus

Download an excellent 130-page handbook published by the World Union of Jewish Students (WUJS) in Jerusalem. PDFDownload now.

Maps of Israel

Excellent maps for use on campus.

Israel and Surrounding Nations
Israel in relation to neighboring Arab states in the Middle East. Use on campus as it provides sorely needed perspective of Arab vs. Jewish control of the area.

Map of 1947 UN Partition Plan
The Arabs of British Mandatory Palestine missed the opportunity to establish a state in 1947 by rejecting a UN resolution. Here's the UN's map of the partition of British Mandatory Palestine into Jewish and Arab states.

Geographic Map of Israel
Geographic boundaries and major population centers of Israel.

Political Map of Israel
Israel, the Palestinian Authority areas and Golan Heights.

Israel from Space
A striking photograph of the Land of Israel from space. Image courtesy of Earth Sciences and Image Analysis Laboratory, NASA Johnson Space Center (

Recommended Reading

The following titles are essential reading for any pro-Israel activist and should be in the library of every group.

Israeli History & Society | Zionism | The Middle East & Islam | Activism

Israeli History & Society

Six Days of War - Michael B. Oren

Six Days of War: June 1967 and the...

A History of Israel: From the Rise of Zionism to Our Time - by Howard Sachar

A History of Israel: From the Rise of...

O JERUSALEM! by Larry Collins, Dominique Lapierre

The fruit of five years of intensive research and many thousands of interviews, O Jerusalem! is the epic drama of 1948, in which Arabs and Jews fought each other for the city of Jerusalem.


The Jewish State: The Struggle for Israel's Soul - by Yoram Hazony

The Jewish State: The Struggle for...

A History of the Jews - by Paul Johnson

A History of the Jews

Revolt - by Menachem Begin


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A History of Zionism - by Walter Laquer

A History of Zionism

The Zionist Idea - by Arthur Hertzberg

The Zionist Idea: A Historical Analysis...

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The Middle East & Islam

The Rage and the Pride - by Oriana Fallaci

The Rage and The Pride

What Went Wrong: The Clash Between Islam and Modernity - by Bernard Lewis

What Went Wrong: The Clash Between Islam...

The Middle East: A Brief History of the Last 2,000 Years - by Bernard Lewis

The Middle East: A Brief History of the...

The Crisis of Islam: Holy War and Unholy Terror - by Bernard Lewis

The Crisis of Islam: Holy War and Unholy...

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Fear No Evil: The Classic Memoir of One Man's Triumph Over a Police State - by Natan Sharansky

Fear No Evil: The Classic Memoir of One...

The Guerrilla Marketing Handbook - by Jay Conrad Levinson

The Guerrilla Marketing Handbook

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